SSL Certificate: Why Your Website Needs One Now!
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Dubsado: The Tool That Transformed My Client Process

After doing some research I came across Dubsado, I signed up for a free trial straight away and instantly fell in love. I knew that I had found what I was looking for - seriously, it’s a big game changer.

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Why We Use Squarespace and Why You Should Too!

Our love of Squarespace is no secret, there are so many benefits for both us as designers and you as small business owners - It’s our go-to for all of our website projects and here’s why.

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How to start an email list in 5 easy steps

Every blogger and business should have an email list. But how do you get started? Check out this guide on how to start an email list in 5 easy steps. 

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Mistakes That Make Your Brand Look Unprofessional

Are you wondering why you’re not attracting the right (or any) clients? Maybe it’s because you’re making these common mistakes that make your brand look unprofessional.

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What are AMP Blog Posts & Why I Disabled Mine

When I first launched my website, I went through all of the settings in the backend of the site to hopefully optimise my content in the best way possible. one setting I came across was “Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)” - my first question was, what are AMP blog posts and do I need them?

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What Is A Brand And Why You Should Refine Yours

There comes a time in every small business journey where you will need to sit down and gain some clarity on your brand. But what is a brand and how do you create one? Does it mean investing in a logo? Creating a business plan? Crafting a tag line?

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How To Define Your Brand Purpose & Why You Need To

Branding goes far beyond a logo and a couple of brand colours, it's about your audience. That's why being able to define your brand purpose is essential.

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How To Transfer Your Domain From Weebly To GoDaddy
Why You Need More Than Just A Logo

To put it simply, a single logo is not going to give you the foundation that your brand needs in the long run. As a passionate branding designer, I want to create something for you that will serve you in the long run and really reflect your brand in a cohesive and intentional way, digging deep into your brands' core values, goals and more. Designing “Just a logo” is restrictive and does not allow that essential depth that a brand requires.

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2018 Etsy SEO Updates + Free Download Checklist!

We have made our way through the latest SEO Guide in the Etsy Seller Handbook and have pinpointed the key takeaways, creating an Etsy SEO Guide for 2018* + a free download!

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How To Customise The New Squarespace Cookie Banner

Squarespace initially introduced a not so lovely looking cookie banner which was grey with no customisation at all. Since then, there have been a number of revisions to the feature with options to alter the placement, colour scheme and call to action format.

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How to add your Squarespace website to Google Search Console
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Adding your Squarespace website to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an amazing tool that gives you insights into your website, allowing you to really understand who, what and why people are landing on your site. Here's how to install Google Analytics on your Squarespace site

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How to write killer copy for your new website
3 things you need on your website homepage

Knowing what to include on your website can be a difficult task to navigate and so taking some time to plan and create a website strategy is invaluable. Every website has different goals and so there is no definitive guide to your homepage, one size doesn’t fit all.

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Why your site isn't attracting your dream client

Your online presence is something that can seriously let you down and turn your dream clients into the hands of competitors. Your website should be your best marketing tool, advertising your business, services and more - here are some of the things that could be killing your conversions.

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