SSL Certificate: Why Your Website Needs One Now!

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Your website security is something that can often be forgotten about - and trust me, I get it! You want to be creating and doing what you love. It’s something that many can leave at the bottom of the to-do list, with other tasks taking priority. But it’s an essential for any website, especially if you live in the EU due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Today we are going to tell you what an SSL Certificate is, why you need it and how to go about installing one.

What is SSL?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer allows you to establish an encrypted link between your server and your website visitors’ browser. It means that any data between your computer and your users computer remains not only secure but also private.

Why Does SSL Matter?

Now that we know what an SSL Certificate is and what it does, here are three main reasons for installing one and why it would benefit your website to act sooner rather than later.


The main benefit of having an SSL Certificate is that it allows you to encrypt your data - meaning it is unreadable to anyone but the server you are using. If you don’t, any computer in-between you and the server could see your data and in the worst cases, that means credit card information, passwords, log in-details and more. If you take payments on your site, it is definitely worth checking if you have an SSL and if not, get one set up right away.

It looks bad

As of July 2018, google started to let your website visitors know whether you site is secure or not. If you don’t have an SSL, your site will be flagged with a warning page and a red padlock next to the website name. This isn’t the best welcome for your potential clients and can be easily solved! Don’t let your clients think badly of you before they even get a chance to know you! Build trust with your clients and ensure them that they are safe to browse and interact with your site.


Google now consider SSL certificates as a ranking signal when it comes to their algorithm, with yahoo and bing following suit. If your clients come from Google or other search engines, keep this in mind and ensure you aren’t being penalised for something so minor!

All of our websites have SSL certificates - we want our clients to start off on the right foot and feel confident that their site is not only safe, but secure for their dream clients to find, browse or buy from. If you don’t have an SSL on your site, definitely add it to your to do list and make it a priority, don’t wait until it’s too late!

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