How to write killer copy for your new website

Writing Killer Copy For Your Website-05.png

We love when our clients contact us with all of the excitement in the world, they’re ready to go, they’re motivated to kick off the process but as soon as we mention copy, let’s just say the excitement looks a little more like panic. “But what do we write?” is a familiar phrase because let’s face it, knowing the best way to engage your audience can be a scary thing! Here are a few ways to write killer website copy and conquer your content fears.

Drop The Sales Talk

Do you ever read a website and shiver slightly at the embarrassingly cheesy sales tone? The truth is, cheesy marketing talk is a thing of the past (was it ever really a thing?) and is something you should steer clear from. Ensuring that the client trusts you is key and so opting for a more natural, authentic tone will allow visitors to get to know the real you. Conversational copy is also great for SEO, with the rise of voice search, writing copy to cater for this tone will be a great way to boost your rankings.

What Would You Say To Their Face?

This is a great way to envision what you should include in your copy because many of us feel more at ease when speaking to a real human rather than a blank document! What would you say to your dream client? and what would you like them to know about your business? As you can imagine, you wouldn’t talk to them for hours on end and so this allows allows you to gage the amount of content you need - sometimes less is more, get to the point and achieve clarity through your content.  

Be Yourself

There is absolutely no need for you to mould yourself to a competitor in your industry. Make waves, be yourself and show your potential clients why you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd, they'll love it! It becomes boring when you read the same type of corporate content on website after website, find your brand voice and use it as an anchor for guiding your copy.


Seriously. have some faith in yourself! You know your business more than anyone and so you know what's best, be passionate and don't be afraid to spill everything onto paper, there's always time to edit and amend. Envisage your dream client and and write for them, you attract what you put out!