3 things you need on your website homepage

3 things you need on your website homepage-01.jpg

Your homepage is one of the most important pages on your website, it has a lot of responsibility and is often the place where most visitors will land.

Knowing what to include on your website can be a difficult task to navigate and so taking some time to plan and create a website strategy is invaluable. Every website has different goals and so there is no definitive guide to your homepage, one size doesn’t fit all. This is worth considering when it comes to curating your content, however, there are a few essentials that all websites should have in order to attract clients and create a great user experience.

Newsletter Sign Up

Your homepage gives you the chance to capture valuable leads from visitors who have willingly submitted their details through an opt in form. This is a perfect way to begin the client journey - although they may not purchase / contact you during their first visit to your website, you can keep them informed and engaged through email marketing throughout the future. Using an email marketing system such as MailChimp allows you to create beautiful newsletters with little effort, allowing you to extend your brand straight into the mailboxes of potential clients. 

A Headline

Ever landed on a website and thought, “what exactly do you offer/do?”. Your website should have a strong headline that tells visitors exactly what you do without any fluff, they shouldn't have to browse your whole website to know what the deal is. You want to grab their attention and assure them that you’re the right business for the job, don’t lose a potential customer due to lack of clarity - get snappy and tell them straight. 

Quality Imagery

This may seem obvious, but it’s a vital part of attracting potential clients. Especially in 2018, there’s no excuse for low quality, cheesy photos - it looks unprofessional and doesn’t give a good first impression. Whether you book a photoshoot to gain some great snaps of your team at work or select a few stock images, you must ensure your website is visually engaging. There are so many great stock image libraries nowadays and so don't fear the stock photo, they don't have to choose the awkward receptionist smiling on the phone, there are lot's of aesthetically pleasing photos to choose from, we promise!